Vert Foret on it's way - AR Rocks! Thanks TPFers!!!

  1. So I am an "NYC" mom now living in Manila. I have this TERRIBLE bag addiction (and happy I'm not the only one!) which can get hard to feed because there just aren't that many shops around here. After being spoiled by having the best boutiques just a few blocks away (or a quick cab/subway ride away) this can be quite a challenge. We have Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Bottega and (had) YSL but prices are normally 30% above retail in the US. There are no Balenciaga boutiques - there are a couple of specialty stores that do carry Bal bags and the wait can be months long. I bought my first and second B-bags here (was just not impressed at Barney's when I saw the one and only Bal bag they had left) and LOVE them to death. Recently I found a retailer who special orders bal bags and can get them in 2 weeks to a month, but Thanks to you TPFers, I've found a new source!!!:tender:

    I ordered a City in Vert Foret from Aloha Rag and they are such a pleasure to deal with!!! I didn't have to call - just sent them an email to which they responded right away, and today they sent me my tracking number:yahoo: Even with the customs fees (30-40% of declared value) the cost will still come up to much less than a bag I'd have to buy from here.:wlae:

    So, THANK YOU, ladies!!! (My husband and our bank account may feel differently about this - haha). I can't wait for my new bag to arrive and will be sure to post pics when it does!!!
  2. Wow!
    What a huge change! Are you a fellow filipina with a bag obsession?
    Excited for you and your new Bbag!
  3. Yes, huge change (work-wise as well!). Definitely Filipina and YES, a VERY bad bag obsession! (You know it's bad when you are willing to pay 30-40% above retail AND/OR 30-40% in customs dues). But TPF has changed my shopping life:smile:
  4. You'll definitely be rockin' your bbags in Manila!
  5. congrats! remember to post pics when you receive the bag :yes:
  6. Ooh, Vert Foret is GORGEOUS! :drool: Can't wait to see pictures! AR is so awesome to deal with too!