Vert Foret...keep or sell...?

  1. Sigh....ladies, I need your honest opinions about my Vert Foret City, I have been using it for about 2 months on and off now...I'm wanting to sell it to fund another Bbag (duno which one yet though)....what do you think? This was my Very first Bbag purchase:shame:
  2. That is a really tough call!! I especially feel your pain because I've been agonizing over whether or not to sell my 05 Olive City - I love her soooo much and she has the best leather and is the most beautiful olive color, but the color looks horrible on me :crybaby:.
  3. I say to both; keep for now. The resell market right now is horrible. I think you may both take a big loss, and then regret it. Just my two cents.
  4. I agree with Becca- you should keep it for now :yes:. Not only will you probably lose a lot of money, but since it was your first bbag you might regret selling it later on. I sold my first bbag and regretted it so much I ended up buying it back.
  5. Hmmm - I am not at all sure about my own Vert Foret bag and may elect to get rid of it some time this year - financial loss or not. I think that I love my other bags better and could use the money on something else.
  6. If you really want something else, and don't mind taking a loss, then sell.