Vert fonce vs. Pine


Which do you prefer?

  1. Vert fonce

  2. Pine

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  1. Can anyone describe the difference between these two greens? No matter how many times I stare at the swatches, I can't tell much. I really want one, but I don't know how to choose between the two or another green. All help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Pine is the darker Emerald Green which is beautiful and Vert fonce is the dark Olive. :smile: I will be getting the Pine PT with Silver hardware.:yahoo:
  3. Same here, Pine is my choice too and it will be lovely to get it in pewter HW....:smile:
  4. I would choose Pine. Vert Fonce will be darker and I imagine will have a little more brown/yellow tones to it (making it more olive).
  5. I love the greens, however I am not taken with vert fonce or pine...I like depth in a colour. However, in this poll I chose Pine because it has more green in it.
  6. I can't tell so much from the swatches, but SA's I trust have said that dark olive is pretty drab (sorry d.o.!) and dark. Pine is more vibrant and rich, different from sapin and darker than emerald. So I would vote pine for now.
  7. Pine is a PERFECT mix between Grass Green and Sapin...wonderful green in my opinion.

    Dark Olive is sooo dark, I couldn't really tell in that tiny swatch what color it was...seemed like a much much much darker SAPIN.

    Pine will be a sure hit this fall.
  8. Also, please keep in mind that I've only seen the tiny swatches...the Fall colors are a bit harder to describe...most especially when we start referring to things as "so and so w/ blue undertones, reddish blue, etc."

    Don't worry, the trunk show is a week away and all the fabulous reports will come rushing in.
  9. I voted for Pine! I think it's a gorgeous color, but of course I'm basing my opinion on that tiny swatch from the pic that my SA sent to me. I'm not sure if I'll get anything in that color, though. I've got Sapin and Emerald Green already....sure, one more green bag wouldn't hurt! :graucho:
  10. Let me know if you feel any pain, I'll be sure to take one off your hands.

    Thanks all for your input. I can't wait till the trunk show. I'm counting on all you lucky ones who get to go to give us a full report.
  11. I think when Balenciaga calls a color "olive", they are referring to the dark brownish color of black or kalamata olives. Whereas here in the states, we usually think of olive as a "green" color (like the green olives with the pimentos). When I saw the Fall-06 olive bags at BalNY, they were a dark brown color...almost the same color as the inside of a black olive. :yes: It was more like a chocolate brown color...
  12. ICB- I cannot wait to see what you find at the show. I am crossing my fingers that pine is lovely. I loved emerald, but most of them seemed really veiny.
  13. ITA.
  14. Yup, I remember looking forward to emerald but never got one because I don't like veiny. I have high hopes for pine.