Vert Fonce: need to decide on a style, Help!


Which Vert Fonce Bag?

  1. VF Step

  2. VF City

  3. VF Hobo

  4. VF Part Time

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  1. I really want a bag in vert fonce
    I would also really like to try GSH, but I just don't know if it's me. I don't want to go through all the self-imposed drama if it doesn't seem right
    Should I take the plunge or go with something safe?

    City (RH)?
    Step? - would it be too blah?
    Hobo with SGH?
    PT, Day?
  2. I'd get Vert Fonce in GSH-City style- but that's b/c I'm so biased and only love the Moto styles.....

    good luck though- and either way post pictures when you make your choice!
  3. I love this color with the GH. And if you go with Silver, it still keeps the bag casual for everyday wear. I'd go for the Day, Work or PT. I think all three look great with Giant Hardware. Will this be your first GH bag? What's your favorite style? The Day is the least blingy of all three......
  4. ITA - if you want to try out the GH or the SGH, the hardware on the Day is less in your face. plus, vert fonce has such amazing leather and i think the Day really lets the texture and the color of the leather shine- it's not so chopped up with zippers and buckles, etc.

  5. cracker: yes, this would be my first GH bag
    I brought home a SGH besace messenger once, but it was both a big bag with big hardware, it scared me :shocked:. I tried the VF PT with GGH (wow that's a lot of acronyms!), but I definitely think I would prefer the SGH.

    nicole: I agree about the Day bag, it's just that everytime I've had one, I sell it. I'm not sure why, because it's such a useable bag. Maybe you're right, it might be the right proportion of leather to hardware.

    what do y'all think of the step?
  6. I voted for hobo, but I thought you meant Day. Silly me...

    Is the Day an option? Much better than the new hobos IMO.
  7. Just saw this reply.

    The step is mos def an option! I don't care for it just yet since there is no strap whatsoever for the shoulder, but looks totally rockin in any color. And have you seen the leather on VF this season? Dude, hot. :sweatdrop:
  8. Well, I voted Rh City because I have one and LOVE it! But If you want SGH I say PT all the way! You will LOVE the color and the leather is SO YUMMY! Here's a pic of my RH City.

  9. I agree with cracker day,pt or work with SGH if you choose regular hardware definately the city!
  10. My vote went to the step. I think the VF would look great on a step.:tup:
  11. I thought of buying Vert Fonce too! I tought of getting the RTT styles, do you think it will be too big?
  12. I voted for the step- I think that a vf step would be gorgeous!
  13. I think if you want to try SGH then go for the Day or hobo if you want it to be less "blingy"... if you wana play it safe then city... I dont like the VF on the bigger bags... and not a fan of the step just yet... good luck!
  14. I think I will call around for a Day today - has anyone seen one? They have 2 left at BalNY, but I worry when they get down to just a few that they will be the rejects.
    Saks has that sale next Thurs. where you get $ back when you spend. Did they ever carry any of these styles?
    NM has double points next week but just the PT GGH

    thanks for your opinions!
  15. if you going with the GH then go for a bigger bag like the PT. for regular hardware then the city, the day, or the new step style. good luck in your decision!