Vert Fonce Day bag?

  1. Hi all! Has anyone seen a vert fonce day bag at a US retailer? TIA!
  2. RH or GH?
  3. RH!!! Thanks for asking- forgot to clarify! :smile:
  4. I haven't seen the RH at NM, Saks or Barney's and i know BalNY is out. May be you should try AR, or Erica.:shrugs:
  5. Thanks Nanaz! I checked with Erica to see if she had any other days besides black, and she doesn't. I've never ordered from AR, so I dunno if I want vert fonce enough to go that route. But thanks again for your help! :smile:
  6. sunny call Lee at NM Short Hill NJ. You never know. He is really good and he can find you any thing you want.:yes: It won't hurt trying right?;)
  7. Ooh, great tip, Nanaz. And even if he doesn't find the vert fonce, I'm going to remember him in case of future bag hunts. Thanks for all your help Nanaz- you're wonderful! :yes: