Vert Fonce Croc Birkin - Congrats to the Winner!

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  1. Just wanted to give a little bittersweet congrats to the winner of the Vert Fonce Croc that was on ebay just this weekend...

    I spent a good two nights biting my nails over it...and it finished at 7000+USD

    that's just amazing. Isn't it?

    I hope I can find another one like this soon.
  2. $7000?! Are you certain it was real?
  3. I haven't seen any vert fonce croc on eBay for under 50K ... are you sure it was croc?
  4. I am all cow
    I am all cow
    I am all cow
    I am all cow

    (oh man, what a bag!!!)
  5. Wow, thats a good price.
  6. Well, I distinctly remember waiting for my bank to transfer the money and ended up losing the auction haha

    I'm only laughing right now because I'm going insane over the maddening winning bid..

    7300 USD?

    I think I almost HAD a cow because it was the PERFECT Birkin for me (I was looking for two-toned and a vert fonce birkin) and voila.

    But, regardless, whoever shelled out the winning bid has luck on his/her side.
  7. No regrets, dangergirl. It's a kelly (not a birkin), it's 25cm (which is really small), and it's alligator (not croc). I have to say I've become a big Sandiaexchange fan. She has great stuff at fabulous prices. Very respectable for a genuine reseller.
  8. ^ I agree, TammyD. She has great stuff!
  9. That's a great price for Croc. :smile:
  10. It is a beauty!!
  11. Hmmm, apparently it's alligator and also small (that part I don't mind)

    Oh well.
  12. That is a really beautiful bag. Great price, too.
  13. Gooooorge