Vert D'eau!

  1. It looks like pistachio
  2. sorta inbetween pistachio and origan...

    I hope it's BRIGHTER and more fun than that color! I know I will want some fun colors in spring!
  3. ^I agree, I was thinking it was going to be more blue.
  4. For me is vert d'eau, vert d'eau in french is pale green
  5. That is a gorgeous color! Love it.
  6. This colour looks very much like pistachio.
    It's beautiful but I also expect it to be a bit more blue :s
  7. Oh crap. If that's really the color, I'm in deep trouble. :drool:
  8. I'd like it to be 'more' blue than green :yes: - - - I really hope it :confused1: :yes: :shrugs:
  9. LP, I'm with you~
    And yes bad banana the direct translation has nothing to do with water! Nice to have another francophone here.
  10. Even though it has the same colour name I doubt that it'll look like this because Chloe colours are a lot different to Bal colours IMO.
  11. I agree! I want some bright fun colors!:yes:
  12. I confirm:yes: :P !!!
    But with Bal colours names...who knows:confused1:
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