Vert Deau Work or city or... aquamarine??

  1. At the moment i only have 1 Rouge VIF city bag.. i sold my black twiggy.... yes.. it is a painful moment but I prefer to have other fun color instead of black!

    I am consider vert Deau or Aquamarine, both seems very very pretty too me!! Vert Deau is a bit like seafoam to me....

    I am not sure should i go for work or city .. and which color?

    pls share your opinion to me..

    is it still possible to obtain a vert deau city or work?? and is the aquamarine available yet? I've checked Cultstates, they dont have both color in stock.. still waiting for reply from aloharg.

    I personally think the city size are good enough for me to use daily but the work size can fit on shoulder comfortablely.. that is something i wish to consider..

    Pls share~~
  2. I really like the aqua. I am slightly biased towards city because that is the one that I have (in balck). I haven't seen the work IRL so I am not much help there. Good luck on whichever one you get!!
  3. There's a beautiful Vert D'Eau Citiy on eBay right now...great price.

    Mods, if this counts as "shopping" please accept my apologies and delete. But Chloe asked, and I just saw it there.
  4. Aquamarine in Work!!! :yes:

    Aquamarine is such a GORGEOUS colour, and Work is simply the perfect size IMO!
  5. If you are getting Work, Aqua. If city, Vert D'eau. It's really hard to keep light colored big bag clean, IMHO.
  6. Aquamarine work! I am considering this one myself! I love the vert d'eau too, but I am worried about it staining easily as it is so light...I'm thinking of a small accessory for the vert d'eau...
  7. Aquamarine work, absolutely!