Vert D'eau -what to wear with it?

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  1. Hi, anyone who has a Vert D'eau bag, would you tell me what color outfits you wear with it? Or suggestions please. TIA :smile:
  2. i wear alot with it... blacks, whites, grays, blues, yellows...

    i generally just dont wear it with red (to avoid the x-mas effect) or greens b/c it clashes.
  3. i think you can wear it with almost everything! except specific greens, like verty mentioned. but i must disagree with you about the red, i think because vert d'eau is such a minty cool color, there would be no christmas effect with red!!
  4. I have a Vert D'eau and have only carried it once or twice. I do plan to carry it a lot this summer with white, pink, grey, black, really most any color. I really love this color and it really is spring and summer to me!
  5. Yup, basically anything but green or true cherry reds (orangey reds work!)
  6. Thanks all! This is a picture I was sent of the Vert D'eau, does the color look like yours?

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  7. I love wearing it with darker colors such as navy. The color really pops.
  8. Hmmmm, I can't really looks a bit drab compared to mine....mine looks like Pistachio Ice Cream. Does that help??? I have taken pics and will try to post one shortly.......
  9. I don't have Vert D'eau but seafoam and I wear it with everything including red (however now after what Verty said, I should reconsider as I don't want to look like Christmas tree):P *me and fashion :shame:
    I think this colour is so versatile that I can throw everything...

    Here is the pic of me last week with Miss Seafoam :smile:

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  10. Thanks for the tips!! I myself will be receiving my VD in the mail in a few days!! I will keep them in mind!:nuts:
  11. "R" don't forget to post pics! :nuts:
  12. lol aki i think you could pull off the red w/seafoam.

    i dont even own any red clothing to be honest, but my friend wore her vert d'eau city one day w/a red tee and she was complaining how she felt like a christmas tree LOL. so it's just been stuck in my mind since then :P
  13. I pretty much wear her with anything and everything! I think because its a fun color, but also quite soft, she looks great against bright fun colors (like pink, purple, yellow, etc) and also neutrals (black, white, grey, etc)
  14. i love that!
    although pics of perfectly matched color bbag/shoes/clothing are perfectly adorable, my favorite bbag looks are when there's a slight mismatch/contrast. it adds to the irreverence, distressed look of bbags. i too think vert d'eau goes with practically everything!
  15. IMO VD is a very easy color to wear with, it's very light mint green so if you are not a risk taker, I suggest, white, black, yellow, blue; if you are one, then wear it with everything! (purple, orange, red....)