Vert d'eau wallet/purse

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  1. Was/is there such a thing made?
    I'm getting a vert d'eau in the post today and as I like to match my purse to my bag I wondered if these are available? :confused1:
  2. My bag just arrived and wow it's beautiful! :yahoo:

    But I definitely don't have a wallet that will match so I'd appreciate the help ;)
  3. Well, I'm not much help, but I can tell you that Aloha Rag doesn't have this color in stock for a money wallet. I don't know if this color was made in the money wallet or not. Someone more knowledgeable can hopefully advise you.
  4. Thanks for replying anyway :heart:
  5. I havent seen one but thats not to say that they dont exist. In the UK tings like that are hard to come by anyway, have you tried BalParis?
  6. Oh i forgot to ask, what vert d'eau did you get? A first?
  7. Can you order through their website you mean? I'm totally new to Balenciaga!
    It's a First yes, appropriately enough ;)
  8. I'm considering getting a vert d'eau city. PLEASE post pics! As far as the wallet, I've never seen a wallet in this color, call balNY and they should know.
  9. I'll try and take some pics over the weekend. I'm out at my parents tonight so probably won't have time :smile:
  10. That used to be mine!!! actually its the one seen in my avatar! lol
    shes a beauty, congrats! If you give balparis a ring they will let you know what they have. They tend not to answer emails!
  11. Totally OT, but I just wanted to say 'hey' to you Bug - you're the first bbagger I've seen who also comes from Leeds! Hi!
  12. What the same exact bag?
  13. Yay! :yahoo:
    And the sun is out too today ;)
  14. If its the bag i think it is off ebay from within the uk, then the answer is yes!!! I sold her brand new, i never got to use her!