Vert D'eau vs Blue India

  1. Hi I already have the Blue india part time but find it a little big. have not used it.. brought the tassles to work to check with layman opinion and most of my colleagues agreed it's a turquoise green colour.. which brings me to this:
    how does it compare with vert d'eau. SA tells me vert d'eau is in and I wanted the B-expert opinions .. esplly from those who have done a comparison.... thanks

    I know that once I reach the boutique and see the bags, insanity takes over so I need to be rational about this as I have more bags than I can carry in a lifetime... also waiting for anthracite sooooooo................ :idea:
  2. blue india's so pretty:smile:

    i was told that vert d'eau is a pale jade green(haven't seen it in person though), not sure if i like that....i don't like the pictures i've seen of it either...
    the SA i spoke with told me that the anthracite is like a dark charcoal gray...

    have you thought of the brown shades out there? argyle's pretty:smile:
  3. Blue india Part Time :drool: I'm jealous :drool:

    :back2topic: vert d'eau is lovely :love:
  4. vert d'eau is much lighter than blue india!-- vert d'eau is more pastelish and creamier...I prefer the vert d'eau which I almost got, but it was just too light for me!
  5. Vert deau is a minty green, not as pale and washed out as it's often photographed. I love it, will be getting something in vert deau, just need to decide on what. Personally I don't like BI, it's a little too dull for me (BI lovers, don't shoot me!!). Vert is definitely much lighter and brighter, in fact I thought it looked a little creamy? ice-cream!! Yes! That's it! :yes:
  6. I have a BI City and have been drooling over a vert d'eau City at NM SF that's (miraculously) been there unsold for at least 3 weeks now. They are two very different colors. I'd describe the vert d'eau as a bright spearminty green. Definitely not as pale as it looks in most of the photos I've seen here. It's really pretty, but to my eyes, it's very much a spring/summery color. BI seems to be more of a year-round tone. HTH!
  7. I Love :heart: both colours & have the Blue India in the part-time & the Vert d'Eau in a city. They are so different it's difficult to advise one way or the other. I think you would love either one ... I just love the blues & sea-foamy shades Balenciaga does so much it's hard for me to pick a favorite. The vert d'eau is very much a pastel but is very versatile with other colours as an accent, where the blue India is a deeper turquoise blue but still blends with other colours. Both of these shades are very tricky to photograph as they look so different with light changes, but here are two photos of the same vert d'eau city, mine, and a borrowed blue India from the pf files. :p
    Verte d'Eau City.jpg Verte d'Eau City 2.jpg Blue India City.jpg
  8. Thanks girls . I went and saw it up close! Vert d'eau - yes mint green pastel creamy.. It looked delicious! But somehow it felt a little too "flat" for I passed and will wait for anthracite and vermillion to come my way... I have a toddler so think light colours will be disastrous if I carry his stuff and snacks in it! But after reading the posts... My heart is aching a little.. Oh no. What have you girls done?
  9. I prefer the Blue India. My love for my Blue India Part Time has only grown ... I don't carry anything else now.
  10. ok kids, ask away.... i own both blue india and vert deau. ( i have my credit cards in the freezer now as "frozen assets") pinky's pix above is a good representation of blue india. however, the vert deau is very different IRL. it is not like turq 04 althought it photographs like it. it is green, not blue. it is a true light green. it photographs much lighter than IRL or too blue. i think it is the sleeper color of the season bc unless you see it , you cant really explain it. it pops, but bc it is light color, it is not for everyone. blue india is a basic pretty blue which is more neutral. i really like the wow factor of the vert deau.:love:
  11. Any pics of the color?