Vert D'eau owners - is the color this pale as these pics . . .

  1. I got these from aloha (the first) and another site, I think it's diabro.

    Is the vert d'eau this pale? These pics make it look really washed out.

    I've seen other pictures here and there is a wide range of how this looks.

    Please tell me it's a deeper minty green and not this pale in real life. Thanks!
    vert 3.jpg vertdeautwiggy.jpg
  2. I had one and returned it. Mine looked similar to the first picture. I think that there is variation in dye saturation with this color though. So it might depend on the bag.
  3. I find mine looks different in various lighting. :smile: In the daytime in natural light it looks best, less pastel as those top pictures, and more green! :smile:
  4. Mine is veryvery close to the first pic
  5. mine has more green to it
  6. Mine looks more pale and washed out than either of those photos...which is why I'm returning it!!
  7. This is how mine looks-- the color in the picture is pretty true to life... it's a great color! I looovee it!! :heart::heart:

    Hope this helps!

  8. Mine is close to the first pic as well. I don't think you will get a deeper green, imho, just don't want you to be disappointed!
  9. Mine is brighter than the first pic, and deeper than the second, but that said don't expect a super bright strong color, you would be disappointed.
  10. I don't know anything about this bag but I would think that it would be light because that means green water so I would think it would be a washed looking green just by the name
  11. My twiggy looks like the twiggy in the twiggy photo that you posted.
  12. I saw three or four Vert D'eau bags at Susan Burlingame the other day. They were definitely pastel, similar to the first one, but looked a bit brighter somehow.
  13. Mine looks like the first one as well, a little warmer maybe. The second one looks like it's under major spotlight.
  14. I had one and returned it. It was very close to the first photo. It was a beautiful color, but I was concerned that it would be easily ruined since it was so light. My husband said it was "toothpaste color.":rolleyes:
  15. The ones I have seen are very similar to the first photo