Vert d'eau or Aquamarine?

  1. I have the chance of buying a vert d'eau twiggy, but I'm unsure as I've not seen it IRL, and on some pictures it looks a bit sickly. :throwup:

    A. Has anyone got any good pictures they could post, or
    B. Should I look for an aquamarine, which would be more striking. :supacool:

    Pictures of either would be good. Opinions please.

    (If I only knew how to set up a poll!):graucho:
  2. Here's my Vert D'eau, but she's a first :smile:

    Hope the pics work...

    The 1st is inside in bathroom lighting & the 2nd is outside in direct sunlight. She looks shiney in the 2nd pic cause it was the first day I had her :yes: the shine has since worn off.

    Strange, but she looks totally different to me in different lighting - sometimes she looks like pistachio, sometimes turq 04 and sometimes seafoam.. ???
    f2.jpg forum1.jpg
  3. Here is my Vert D'eau City.:yahoo: The color is very pretty IRL but i think in time it is going to change and get lighter.:sad: I would go for the Aqua.:yes:
    img_2354%20%283%29.jpg IMG_2350%20%282%29.JPG
  4. ^Nooo I hope not :sad:

    Mine looks darker than yours. It seems that the color varies alot.. :confused1:

    The Aqua's vary alot too. Apparently the aqua GH's are more vibrant than the RH.. I think powderpuff posted pics of the two together.
  5. I vote aqua, but I have never seen the color in real life. I did see Vert D'eau, and it wasn't my favorite. . . but other people on the forum seem to rock it well!
  6. Aquamarine for sure!!!
  7. acqua!!
  8. AQUA all the way!
  9. I like the vert d'eau.
  10. F&G, where will you be purchasing from?

    I recently purchased a Vert Deau Twiggy from aloharag and had to send it back as damaged. I hope this is not the same one they will be selling you!
  11. Vert d'eau, baby!
  12. Love to see this pic enlarged....btw, ur bag is lovely esp ur planet/boobie....both of them are awesome:p :p
  13. Thank you Celia_Hish
  14. vert d'eau. I am not a fan of the aqua. Too teal for my taste.
  15. aqua!