Vert d'eau in Day style???

  1. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone has seen the Vert d'eau in the Day style with RH. I'd love one of those! I haven't seen anyone post about that color/style combo. Has anyone spotted one? Especially recently in a store? ;)

  2. I've been trying to track one down for months. No luck on my end.
  3. ^likewise here. definitely on my wishlist. i saw one PFer here with this bag but she got it when it first came out, i believe...
  4. ^I wonder which lucky tPFer was able to find one? I'd love to see pictures.
  5. Lucky PFer would be me. Let me see if I can find the thread...
  6. Here

    and here

    These are two posts I have posted with pics of my Vert Deau Day... I bought mine about two months ago? Maybe three? Purchased from BalNY, and when I got her, they only had two left. They may have gotten more since then, I'm not sure.

    Good luck!
  7. Wow I love it more than I imagined I'd love it! I am calling Terry at Balenciaga right now! *crosses fingers they are still available*

    Also I love your avatar. Your Chihuahua is sooo adorable with your bags.
  8. Guess what? BalNY has them! One is on its way to me! I had it overnighted so it will be here tomorrow!:yahoo: :nuts: :party:

    Thanks soooo much REREsaurus!
  9. kirsten, thanks! She really is adorable. But she doesn't fly like the pug you have pictured in your Avatar. [ ;

    Terry is the SA that picked mine out for me too. I love this purse, its the best leather. BEST! It looks shiny cause of the flash, but really its just a glowing sheen of sorts.

    When you get yours, let us know!
  10. Holy Crap. That was quick girl! LOL.

    I'll be expecting to see pics tomorrow then!

    If they only had one left, I hope its the perfect leather, etc for you? Did you happen to ask about the leather?
  11. Haha yeah, talk about an impulse buy. Eeek! Terry said that the leather is really nice, very supple and thick. She has always picked out great bags for me in the past so lets hope this one is just as beautiful! If I end up not liking it I will just sent it back and pick out something else. I haven't actually seen the vert deau color in person yet, but I will be seeing it tomorrow. I have loved all the pictures I’ve seen of the color though and the day style is my favorite.

    I also put my name on the waiting list for a violet (grape) and plomb (steel) days!
  12. Wow!! That's great!! Its a really beautiful bag!! I'm glad you found one Kirsten, can't wait to see pics!!
  13. Thanks! I hope I like it. I am getting a little worried now I won't after reading about how the color can be dull. Also someone mentioned it might be prone to future yellowing. Yikes!!! We will seeee when it arrives. If not I will just exchange it for a FB or Aqua day.
  14. I have vert d'eau Day with GH. The leather is beautiful but the handles did start to yellow and I only carried it for a few weeks at the most. I still love it though. The color is sooo pretty. I bet it's gorgeous with RH.
  15. Rere Gorgeous I love day in that color
    Kirsten Can't wait to see yours- modeling pics?
    Hanalei Please post your GH Vert D'eau Day I would looooove to see it! PS Love your Sandstone Hobo too :smile: