Vert D'eau GGH Anything

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  1. I did a search over the forum and only found about 3 bags with GGH, I'd love if anyone has some pics of VD GGH. its a gorgeous combo. I'm currently looking for a GGH PT Day or City. If anyone sees anything please let me know :flowers:
  2. I remember seen a couple on RDC in the past. Below is what I found from the sold bags section:


    (Photo courtesy of )

    I personally prefer vert d'eau with RH tho ;) Are you letting go of your first ever bal?:wtf:

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  3. Oh goodness, no! I could never give up my first bal, shes my child! I was just possibly hoping to snatch her up a big sister ;)
  4. Ohh, that is very pretty! I wish I could take pictures as nice as RDC....:confused1:
  5. I know that day is making me :drool:
  6. Your city is sooo pretty! Is it tough to keep this color clean? I'm considering Maldives (which seems to be only slightly darker) but wasn't sure if it would be too hard to keep from looking dusty... TIA
  7. i LOVE the color against GGH ! :drool:
  8. Hoo.... (relieved):P I love your VD RH city! GGH ones are nice too but I hardly ever see them around. Good luck on finding one!! (Will keep an eye on it for you:supacool:)
  9. I love photos on RDC! I often use it as a reference library! Or just browse it when I need some inspiration. :roflmfao:
  10. Thanks for the lookout enciell!! :hugs:

    sep I love this bbag :tender: she is my child haha.

    I wouldn't necessarily say she's super hard to keep clean, but I definitely baby her a little bit. I don't ever hold her by the handles; I always either just wear it in the bend of my arm or on the shoulder (her handles have stretched enough where I can fairly easily) or use the shoulder strap. Her color is the perfect pistachio/mint ice cream. She looks pretty true to color IRL in my avatar pic. Bal makes the most gorgeous greens IMO, plus she's chevre :graucho: I have never heard of/seen a VD with bad leather. EVER.

    If you can find a VD city, I'd go with that. However Maldives would be fantabulous as well!
  11. Hahaha, this is my bag (I bought this one). I love the day though....
    I'll post some RL pictures shortly.
  12. Yet another color that I managed to miss because the bleeping stores here in "Snore-ville" didn't carry the color (it must have been too shocking for them). Boo Hiss!!! :crybaby:

    Love the VD & GGH combo; but I also like it with the RH ...
  13. Here are some pictures:



    Sitting against my navy city

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  14. shopdoc Your family of bbags are gorgeous :drool: I especially love that last pic, with the jaune wallet sticking out! I love the GGH VD combo for some reason! Why oh why did it have to be so rare :cursing:
  15. Nice photos shopdoc!!:drool: