Vert D'eau Day?

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  1. Hi, has anyone seen a Vert D'eau day around? Aloha Rag has almost every style in Vert D'eau except for the day. Thanks!
  2. Vert D'Eau is sooo gorgeous...Do you really want a Day?
  3. Yes, I really do. I was thinking of a twiggy, but I'm an overpacker and the day would fit more. Besides, I really dislike the shoulder strap and so I'm left with toting the twiggy only by its handles. I don't really care about straps dirtying, I like how I can hold the day in the crook of my arm and over my shoulder. I like the day but somehow the day in darker colours don't really call out to me. I love sky blue'05. There's a picture of Nicky Hilton with one and it's like BAM! Love at first sight. Same with the Vert D'eau Day, though I do worry that the colour might seem washed out on me... The latest spring colours are pretty, but there's nothing that really calls out to me. Sky Blue'08 just doesn't compare with Sky Blue '05 shade-wise, IMHO and I've seen a picture of '08 Turq and it's just not as classic as vert d'eau. Haha. I'm obsessed. KDC, don't you have a vert d'eau work with the most divine-looking leather? How is it and does it match with (most of) your clothes?
  4. get a Work then, Toriatan! no shoulder strap and the handles are comfy either on arm or shoulder.


    VD should go nicely with white, grey, purple, deep blue.
  5. I would but I'm already getting a violet SGH work and I just want to get something a little different.