vert d'eau classic work

  1. hiiii
    i'm looking for a brand new vert d'eau classic work, do u think i can find it anywhere?
    i know it's an old color from 2010 but who knows lol
  2. Actually, the only color named Vert d'eau that I remember is from Spring of 2007. :shucks:

    You might be thinking of a color from 2010, and have the name wrong.. Maybe Papete?

    EDIT: Oops.. Sorry! I'm wrong! Just saw a PF'r with a 2010 "Vert d'eu" You might start calling any and all of the shops listed here:

    Check here to see all the colors and their names over the years.

    The further back you need to go for your dream bag, the less likely it might be found squirreled away in a back room of a retail shop...and the more likely you'll need to search among re-sellers, eBay or bonanza.

    Good luck!
  3. thanks for ur help. i called and emailed many stores but the color is sold out :oh:
  4. Hi, Marie at Bal LV City Center said there's one vert d'eau rh work available. Here's the email add :

    Good luck! Ü
  5. Thank you thank you dopey1030 :hbeat:
  6. You're welcome Ü will watch out for your reveal Ü
  7. they don't have it :crybaby: i guess someone bought it before me
  8. I'm sorry to hear that!! :hugs:Lurkers!!!! People should at least have the courtesy to say that they bought it. :nogood: