Vert Deau City or Twiggy?


Vert Deau City or Twiggy?

  1. City

  2. Twiggy

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  1. I really want a Vert Deau bag but debating between the City or Twiggy..opinions please :smile:
  2. I voted Twiggy! I have seen the City in person and it just didn't wow me somehow. I'm taking the liberty of posting lovelygarment's pic (lovely, hope you don't mind!) with her fabulous Twiggy. It's honestly not one of my favorite colors but I LOOOOVE her Twiggy!

  3. Another vote for twiggy. I think the vert d'eau looks best on the twiggy's shorter shape.
  4. Twiggy, a cute shape not a lot of people have..
  5. I have the city in this colour and love it! So that's my vote :smile:
  6. Twiggy!
  7. Twiggy gets my vote too. I have a first and couldn't decide whether to get a city...but the girls here convinced me a twiggy was a better option!
  8. City IMO
  9. Twiggy!!!!!

  10. Your picture is what made me want a bag in Vert Deau :p
  11. Would you happen to have a pic of you carrying the Twiggy? I can't seem to find many good pics of someone carrying one.
  12. I was having a exact same problem! LOL!
    Pics I got today. I'm thinking twiggy....maybe none.

  13. Thanks! The twiggy does look better in the pic..but kinda long, which is why I am having trouble deciding between the two shapes. Doesn't the color look really dull compared to the others that have been posted?
  14. I saw both of these this weekend...they're totally cute, so you can't go wrong. I would go for Twiggy, though, because I love the shape.
  15. Which pics do you think shows real color for Vert D'eau?? I do like the group shot color, and don't really like the modeling pic one......