Vert D'eau City or BG Day?

  1. So, I've been thinking about getting a day. I love Vert D'eau but AR only has it in the city, first, work, brief and weekender. So, should I get a Vert D'eau City or a BG '08 day? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! :heart:
  2. I am not much help since I don't own a BBag and don't have a nearby store to check them out, but from all the photos I have seen in various places, the Day is definitely my favorite and the one I would buy.

  3. I'll get the BG day now, and if a vert d'eau turns up, get that too, and if keeping both is not a viable option, sell the BG day. The Day is a wonderful style, I got my first one less than a month ago and now I have 3. You may find that you'll want to keep both, and buy more Days :graucho:
  4. Sounds like a good plan ;)

    I just got a BG day, and i love it!! I've always admired vert d'eau but not sure if it would be the right color for me (wardrobe-wise).

    Good luck!
  5. I have a Vert d'eau. And it is SO lovely.... and I also love the city style more that the day... But it's just me...
  6. Bubblegum Days are going to be easy to find right now because it's current. Get it now and then wait for a Verty to turn up!

    I wish you well,

  7. I prefer BG day! its a lovely colour
  8. I like very very much both, but I personally prefer vert d'eau because I find it to be a more grown up color, but that's just me.
    I find the City style much more comfortable because it can look slightly more dressed up if you need it when worn with handles, and also, I have tried a day for a while, and it would take me ages to grab in there in search of all my crap, it's definetly too deep with a too narrow opening compared to the depth for me.
  9. My advice is to get the BG only if your wardrobe will support it. Seems like if you are yearning for a blue/green, that is probably more workable with what you already own. Could be might be happy to buy new clothes! :girlsigh:
  10. Are you sure you want a Day? I have tried all styles and the Day is too deep for me, so I can't find anything. Plus a lot of people commented how the shouchy look just didn't suit me. I'm 175 cms tall with a solid athletic build. I thought about it and decided it wasn't the style for me. It was hard to make the Day bag look elegant at night. I ended up switching to City bags. So, I say you should go for the Vert D'Eau now. The leathers on the 07 Vert D'Eau were very thick, soft and even. Whereas, the 08 Bubblegum has more distressing and any I have seen IRL have been a bit dry & stiff looking compared to my 07 leathers. You can always get an 08 Bubblegum sometime in the next few months, probably for less than retail. I couldn't say the same for 07 Vert D'Eau.
  11. Get a verty city! Great 07 leather and a pretty minty green-just in time for SPRING ;)
  12. Vert d' Eau is such a pretty color -perfect for spring!
  13. i say the bg day. but i must warn you that ar didn't order or messed up the the order for the bg day. they are going to only get the magenta day.
  14. Haha. Yes, I know. I was about to email Seiko to ask for comparison pics when they got the BG day in, then I reread the email she sent to me. I was like :cursing:. I might get the BG day from Kim at Bal NY.

    I should just hop back down to Bal SG and see if they've any days in, which they didn't the last time, and try one on if they do. It's so hard making decisions when you haven't seen the bags IRL. I was just thinking that the day would be more of a casual look than the city and since I'm already getting a work... Being a college student, most days I just roll out in jeans and my college sweatshirt. Clothing-wise, I do have quite a few pastels and bright colours so both BG pink and Vert D'eau would match quite a bit in my wardrobe. I'm just worried that Vert D'eau might seem washed out on me. I'm really pale, even though I live in Singapore and Cali. I don't burn when I tan; it's just that I revert to my paleness very quickly if I don't deliberately tan.

    I do love the messy look of the city, bunny ears and all, but I also like how I can stuff the day. Arggh!:wtf: Which one? Thanks to all who have posted though, you've all posted really valid points and I'm really thinking this decision through. :heart: :flowers:
  15. Oh Jade! I still have yet to own a Day!!! So hard to find Days in my part of the world :sad: the other day I went Day hunting and saw one in Plomb with GSH, but I already got a black City with GSH, so I thought I didnt want 2 of almost the same color (even is not same style) my search still continues...I am wanting a Sienna Day :shame: