Vert D'eau came . . . I saw . . . and it went back . . .

  1. I got my Vert D'eau city from Aloha Rag today. I REALLY wanted to :heart: :heart: :heart: the color, but unfortunately . . . I did not. Vert D'eau is officially not for me. It truly is a mint green and really hard to photograph. I wanted it to have a little more depth and punch. Oh well, I will be waiting for next seasons colors and/or a really cheap, perfect condition, seafoam on eBay.:p :p :p

  2. Well for the amount of $$ we spend on these, it's best to make sure you really love your B bag. Sorry you were unhappy though !
  3. I agree. I'm not really a fan of this color either.
  4. So sorry you don't like it. :sad: I agree with cassidy that with the price tag, you should absolutely love the bag you are getting. The leather on 07 bags seems much thicker than my 06 bags. Thanks for posting the pic.
  5. I agree. Best to return it and wait for one that you really want!

    The leather does look lovely though:smile:
  6. I :heart:ed the color IRL, but couldn't handle such a light bbag... esp. w/ little boys!
  7. yup i didn't like that color either... nice photo btw!
  8. Yeah, I've physically seen the City in Vert d'eau and was not really thrilled by it. The Vert Gazon is lovely. And I'm really wanting Bleu de France more and more.:graucho:

    The leather this season seems thicker, eh?:shame:
  9. i agree with you entirely -- too minty.
  10. I like the color, but I'm in total agreement that if it isn't what you love, then you should send it back.
  11. it's definitely the right move - always get what you TRULY love :biggrin:
  12. I really havent been excited about the colors this season. I wanted the Marine blue and its just okay in person to me. (passed up the City and Day 2 days ago at NM)I have the Cafe City which I love and I think I am settling for it because I cant find a chocolate 05 anywhere that I want. I will wait to see the Anthracite when it comes out, but who knows. The colors just seem so flat this season.
  13. With all the gorgeous color choices of previous seasons, I feel the Vert D'eau looks a bit "washed out" / dull looking. However, I am sure it looks great on some people :smile:
  14. Personnally, I think that bag is stunning. the leather is quite beautiful. But if it's not love, then don't keep it. I can't handle light bags either like someone else mentioned, the idea of darkened handles doesn't sit well with me.
  15. The leather WAS awesome:yes: :yes: :yes: . I wish that I had loved it . . . However, I just know that a fabulous color is yet to come!