Vert cypress or Gris asphalt

May 13, 2009
I’m going for Epsom :smile:

So the majority of you suggested Vert Cypress. It has been my first choice since the very begging, so I think I will go for it. But the gris is so stunning as well
VC is the new black and it is so carefree. No need to worry about getting it dirty. GA is good as a neutral but doesn't stand out in a smaller bag size. I think it looks great on medium size bags like the K28 or B30. Maybe I'm biased since I have a GA in the 30cm.


Jun 24, 2010
These 2 colors are so hard to choose from. I love GA and have been hoping to add something in this shade.
I have vert cypres in a GP, and it’s an amazing dark green. In photos it looks almost black, but in person, it’s def NOT black at all.. it’s a very rich rich dark green.

You will love it!
Jan 2, 2013
Such a tough choice, I would jump at the chance for either but I think a pop of colour like vert cypress would be better in the K20. Did you end up getting one?

And if you did, do you have any advice for scoring one in the boutique? I have been trying to build a relationship with my SA but I have been told they are rare to come by. Thank you :smile: