Vert Cyprès with PHW or GHW?

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  1. It looks really nice with VC.. I’m a BIG fan of the RGHW.. so my vote always goes with that. Would you wait until next year to see if they would have RG for Kelly? If not I’d get the PHW (or gold.. whatever you pick) now, then if RG becomes available for K’s you can always sell and order.
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  2. GOLD!!
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  3. I don't think I should wait...VC might not be available for special order next year. I wish I liked B25s more, but I really want a Kelly :smile: I think the move is a VC retourné K28 or K25 with PHW. But I could change my mind :biggrin: if I can get RGHW on a Kelly I'll order a 28 so the hardware stands out more.
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  4. If its a retourne then I'd definitely go with PHW (or BPHW). ( And most certainly the k25! )

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  5. One more vote for GHW. Either way can’t wait for the reveal
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  6. I'm deciding on whether to get a VC birkin and would love to see your PDF! :hbeat:
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  7. Usually I’d say PHW but I adore VC with GHW
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  8. From my aesthetic GHW goes well with every colour, but PHW itself works better with the cooler spectrum blues and greens. This would make both option open to you. Either bag will be stunning.
  9. I'm really sorry, I tried to post it but it's a really huge file and tPF can't process documents that size. As an alternative I'd recommend just searching "vertcypress" on Instagram and also "Hermes vert cypres" on Google images, they're what I used to make my document. Good luck with your decision!
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  10. This is my 24/24 - 29 in Togo/swift with phw. It’s such an easy color to wear and I prefer phw to go with the cool tone of this color. 005E9064-0045-43FF-A9D6-FAE800A8D04F.jpeg
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  11. My vote is GHW. I got an offer of a cinhetic bag in VC and GHW. It looked so beautiful and divine. It just happened to be the bag that my friend was looking for so she took it in the end.
  12. GHW :graucho:
  13. Just got this pretty baby! Vert Cypress in PHW. I personally don't like green bags with GHW and I love how chic and casual VC looks in palladium. :smile:

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  14. This is absolutely gorgeous!
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  15. Beautiful! Congratulations
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