Vert Cyprès with PHW or GHW?

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  1. I don't think you can link a document unless you host it but an Ode to Vert Cyprés thread would be amazing ;)

    There was an Evie 29 in VC on the US website this weekend and I waited too long. Thought it might assuage my craving temporarily.....
  2. Oh how does one host a document? It's 127 pages of photos (eek, I don't know how that happened...) so it might be a bit impractical to post each one!
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  3. Hello, hope this photo helps in your decision! K28 Vert Cypress Epsom Sellier PHW

    Attached Files:

  4. Love this!!!
    Lucky you !:smile:
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  5. What a beauty; this green is a great year round neutral!
  6. PHW all the way! I think ghw is not modern at all. Just my opinion.
  7. Last year I considered VC in either a Bolide (Clemence PHW/Maurice GHW) or Halzan (GHW). I ended up with neither. Reflecting back, I would’ve chosen GHW. Today, however, I’m more on the side of PHW.
    99D07733-28CA-4C38-8CFE-E248AE191E55.jpeg CEDD8C2D-3CC9-4EB3-8061-56B4467B2FEC.jpeg 0694FCB5-59A1-44CA-B907-DB7D5EC922DA.jpeg 5E855297-E9C7-414D-A38C-00AAF091FA8B.jpeg
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  8. These bags are all so stunning! Making me want Bolides and Evelynes and Birkins as well as Kellys. (There was an Evelyne in Vert Cyprès on this weekend and I did not buy, but hoping my SA can source.) A Roulis in this color would be so dreamy....
    I don't think I have ever done a poll post, but #reallyshouldhavedoneapoll
    Thank you everyone :flowers:
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  9. If you ever see a roulis in VC and don't get it, send me the link!!! Or a 24/24.
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  10. This dark green is a fab color. Regret selling my Vert Fonce box calf sellier Kelly which is very close this shade. But it had gold hardware which I think had a more mature look against the dark green. I prefer palladium with a deep cool toned green. I vote hands down for palladium it’s more chic in my opinion.
  11. I would prefer palladium. Gold would be pretty, but more “in your face” and “fancier.” Palladium is sleek and stealthy.
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  12. I use to think VC with Ghw was perfect... but these days I’m realizing PHW or RGHW is much more my speed. The GHW is almost too flashy and I don’t end up using it. PHW makes the VC look super cool and timeless

    Also.. I think I want a VC bag now too! Just wondering if I’d do a b25 or b30
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  13. Just to throw a wrench in things....

    Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 8.57.27 AM.png
  14. Would you special order that? I love RG
  15. I didn't think I would order RG but I like the way it looks with VC. I think it's only available on Birkin and Constance this round though.