Vert Cyprès with PHW or GHW?

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  1. A simple question but I am torn....opinions and photos would be MUCH appreciated! This is for a Kelly 25 or 28 :flowers: thank you!!
  2. PHW always gets my vote for that crisp modern vibe!
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  3. My vote goes to Ghw!!!
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  4. Personally I love PHW with this color, I feel it would be more year-round (but I tend to always think dark colors and gold HW are very fall/winter).
  5. I very very slightly personally prefer PHW with this specific color - but I wouldn't mind GHW. I can see how you are torn hahaha. Good luck! I want to say I remember reading a couple Vert Cypress Togo B with GHW offers by members in the forum, so hopefully someone will come by with a photo soon.
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  6. Hands down my vote would be for GHW.. something distinctive about that gold on a Kelly bag.. JMO
  7. Dark green and gold is a match made in heaven.
  8. One more vote for GHW
  9. No contest, hands down ghw everyday of the week and twice on sundays.
  10. Vert cypress is a beautiful deep green, it’s stunning with ghw.
  11. I would only get PHW. It's more modern, fresh looking. GHW makes the bag look more traditional, classic. Depends on what look you want.

    (And I am totally jealous of you getting a VC bag!)
  12. I prefer PHW with VC. I feel the same way about dark blues and grey. I prefer the gold for cream, deep purple, browns and black.
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  13. I love all ghw bags but when I got my B VC Officier in phw I thought it was perfect...

  14. PHW
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  15. Agree re phw.