Vert Crue

  1. I forgot to mention that I finally saw this color in person! I saw this color on an agenda and it was so vibrant (in a good way). I LOVE this color!! Unfortunately, I know I will never pull it off. However, I think I would love to have some accessories in vert crue in the future.:yes:
  2. Kou - can you describe it??:yes:
  3. Vert a very bright intense appel green...
  4. Thanks L-Z!!:smile:
  5. yes very neon green unfortunately not aivailable for bag anymore i also think it was a gulliver leather exclusive colour but maybe i mix things up :flowers:
  6. Indeed, it is a very very very bright green that will grab your attention within seconds. Definitely a hard color to pull off, but it will look fabulous on those who can! :biggrin:
  7. You're right!! It was in gulliver leather!! I think I'd probably want that color in a smaller accessory, like maybe a coin holder or something:yes:
  8. It definitely grabbed my attention when I looked toward the display case for the agendas. Out of all the vibrant colors that were on display (fuchsia, orange, yellow, turquoise, vert anis), the vert crue literally JUMPED out at me (in a very good way).:amuse:
  9. yes it is a fab colour and i loved it on my bag i am still soooo sad it is not available anymore.but as i am not getting younger i think i am better off with vert anis in togo (wich is still apple green but less look-at-me)
    oh wait if ithe bag distracts views from the wrinkles maybe i shoud consider neon colours again :whistle:
  10. I think you should carry whatever color you like:yes: If you want to carry neons, I say go for it! I mean, we only live once. I've been told by so many people around me to stop carrying and buying pink but I just ignore them:lol:

    Don't worry about the wrinkles (that's if you even have any):flowers: . Now me on the other hand, probably DO need something to distract people since I do have wrinkles and a VERY VERY bad case of panda eyes (dark circles).