Vert chartreuse clemence pics anyone

  1. I have been scouring the threads, but cannot find any pics of this combination.

    I would be most appreciative.

    I had not though chartreuse for Evelyne, but then i saw a pic today of a lovely chartreuse bolide in the "Ode to Bolide" that looked pretty irresistible.

    Maybe it would work for me in my Evelyne?
    What say you?

    My head is full of bags:smile:
  2. I have a Bolide, let me see if I got them here

    Edited: Here we go!

  3. What a speedy dear you are!! Love that Bolide!!!
    It is good with black and jeans, no???
  4. CB, there is a chartreuse evelyn at my store (last time I visited) it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! GREAT combination!!
  5. Excellent with BOTH!! I love the Tohu Boho Twilly for this bag, the black background. It brings the colors right out. This Bolide is made with GH so the shine is there too.

    This color is so *Chick* blends in with everything.

    For a more casual look;

    You can mix it with some dark Indigo jeans and a nice blazer and button down and your ready to go from day to night.

    What kind of bag are you thinking of?
  6. Bag that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!
  7. I love chartreuse clemence! It's subtle while still providing a pop of color!
  8. Thank you Jap. Not such a good picture but she's still beautiful! I need to learn Photoshop!
  9. That bag inspired me to get my green Bolide (after I figured I couldn't talk Bagg into selling hers!! LOL!!).
  10. ^^ :roflmfao: your kidding right! :hrmm:
  11. CB, the Evelyne in Chartreuse Clemence is beautiful! They had one in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous!
  12. NO!

    I'm serious! I LOVED your Bolide from first sight!! When I was offered one, I JUMPED at it!!

    If yours had ever been for sale - I was your girl!!!!!!! But I figured you would never sell her, so I had to find one myself!!

    It is SUCH a great bag, Bagg!!
  13. Your bag is fab too GF and you can't go wrong when it matches your teeth.
  14. lol,... OMG! Your funny! I had a couple of glasses of wine, I don't wanna start!
  15. I know. I make sure to smile all the time when I'm carrying it so people can see the correlation!:yes: :p