Vert Bronze

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  1. Any opinions about this color - one coming into my boutique soon (not Birkin LOL)
  2. Lizh, do you like really neutral colors? Becuase it's not green at all.. it's like a "mud" brown.. I actually LOVE neutral color Birkins like Etoupe and Beige and grey, and Vert Bronze ( or at least I mean I had been offered it in taurillion clemance) I may still have the pics.. I have to look.. the seller let me see it in person because she said, it's really hard to photograph.. It's really a mud brown.. but I mean that in a "nice" way.. I almost bought it.. It was great!
  3. Yes I want a neutral - the SA said it was really pretty - if you have a picture please post....thanks
  4. Any idea if the Bronze colour is close to the metallic bronze of Chanel Bowler?
  5. The SA described it as bronzy but color is so difficult to describe - I looked at the color chart in the ref. section but I don't think this particular color was actually pictured. Good question about the Chanel and I wish I knew...I guess I may have to be patient!
  6. An authentic Hermes seller has a Vert Bronze travel Bolide up for auction on ebay right now, with excellent photographs. The close-ups show the subtle, dusky-olive quality that is not apparent in the other pics. It is an intriguing colour!

    This is the auction number:

  7. thanks Bete - going to look right now.