Vert Bronze, thoughts?

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  1. I haven't seen this color IRL, but it's very intriguing to me... I started thinking of a zcp coin and have become a little enraptured with this color. I know the bleu nuit was a stunner when I first saw it.... and, I'm also a sucker for orange sunset (have the cles)..... Can anyone give me any feedback on the vert bronze?

    Also, I can't always help but think how the vernis colors tend to match car colors.... my car looks like this vert bronze and it's called galaxy
  2. I think it's a gorgeous color!!! I saw the alma MM at the boutique last night and it took my breath away!!! TDF!
  3. I like me it looks like a metallic taupe color...Also it seems like a very good is grabbing my attention too. At first when I saw it...I was like it is really growing on me!
  4. Yes, subtle and sophisticated. The bleu nuit grabbed me at first, but this is like a slow ooze into my system... I think I'm really liking it.
  5. i was indifferent when i first saw the photos online. BUT when i finally saw it in real life i realized it's actually quite nice. its a neutral/earthy/warm slightly metallic taupe colour pretty much how Div4life described it. Vert bronze is a very silent and safe colour i'd say. quite possibly the most unisex of all the Vernis colours to date. i think its a welcome change from all the pinks, red and purples LV has been releasing these past couple of years. :tup:
  6. :heart: vert bronze. Saw it in an alma version and agree w/you about the subtlety. It's an elegant color.
  7. It's nice but when compares to Bleu Nuit...the blue win in my opinion! ;)
  8. I think it's stunning! My dh loved it so much he "convinced" me to get the Bellevue PM in Vert Bronze!

    I would definitely have gotten a SLG in Vert Bronze if he hadn't suggested the Bellevue!
  9. Thanks deluxeduck. That was a good description. It's hard to see online, I get the sense of graphite (more steel), but you've described it as earthy. Subtle is very very nice, no offense to rose I like the term elegant Iffah....
  10. ^^^ wow shoegirl, I think this could very well be my next slg.... I also think that it would be nice because the fabric by the zipper would be dark as compared to my azur organizer (beige around zipper), which I tend to want to clean often...
  11. i'm not a fan of it...i do like the new blue though...
  12. posting some pics for your reference.. it's sort of a battle-greenish shade.. just SLIGHTLY BRONZE..

    for me it's beautiful, i just love it!!!


    hope this helps!! :biggrin:
  13. ooohhh, battle greenish.... that sounds really hot!!!! mmmm... could be changing my wishlist.....^^ Thanks Baglady362!!!!
  14. I think it's a gorgeous neutral color. I love it!!
  15. Love your purses. Very nice.