Vert Anis????

  1. that is my beloved vert cru :smile: but it has been on ebay for ages
  2. Thanks Lilach:biggrin:
  3. Okay, that makes sense. Saw this auction awhile back and said, no way is that Vert Anis!
    Very Crue really reminds me of bright lime or grass green.
  4. Yeah, it's got to be Vert Crue. The color is just like the agenda I saw in the store (except the one in the store is in gulliver leather).:yes:
  5. you know tht is what i finf confusing about the auction as well. not only wrong colour but lso the leather shouldn´t be togo but gulliver. as i mentioned in the other thread if i am not completely mixed up in my head vert crue was a gulliver exclusive colour (and the bag in the auction doesn´t look like togo to me ) from what you can see on the pics
  6. I noticed that too! I was thinking that the leather looked too smooth to be togo. My SA also said that vert crue is a gulliver-exclusive leather. Maybe the seller was given the wrong information? It's one stunning bag though.
  7. So wise Lilach!
  8. :shame: oh thank you my dear