Vert Anis vs. Cyclamen

  1. I LOVE both of these colors and hope to own a bag in each someday. My question is availability...I'm guessing cyclamen is not a permanent color and maybe I should go for that one first??? Has vert anis been around long and is that a permanent color? I'm hoping at least one is permanent so I can put that one off for a few years and save up the $$. Thanks for any insight and comments!
  2. well vert anis was the replacement for the more intense vert crue(a very poison lime green) but vert anis rally is an old colour it came up in the 80´(don´t nail me on that) then replaced by vert crue then it was vert anis again (and at this very moment they are thinking of bringing vert crue back as an additional green) so thats the way hermès works quite :upsidedown: :wacko: so my guess is that same will happen to cyclamen even though it is around quite long now and still going strong i guess it will be with us at least some more years before beeing paused
  3. What type of bags do you want in these colors?
  4. Probably a Bolide in one and a Kelly in the other. Ideally a Vert Anis ostrich but I'd have to save a few years for that one since I have 2 other bags ordered. I'm just wondering which one I should go for THIS spring and which one is likely to be around longer for a purchase in, say, 3 - 4 years. Tx! :smile:
  5. Well, that's hard to say. If I had to choose one, I think Vert Anis might be around longer...
    I've seen a lot of Cyclamen Kelly bags lately - maybe the one to get now. How about a Vert Anis Bolide?
  6. Yes, vert anis ostrich bolide!!! Awesome - doesn't someone have one?? It'll come to me...
  7. Where, or where have you seen cyclamen Kellys??? PLEASE tell!
  8. I think 88caviar from eBay had one that she was selling below retail a couple months ago. You may want to email her and see if she still has it. The one she has is epsom leather, so in Cyclamen epsom it looks lighter (and more pinkish) than in chevre.
  9. Just saw vert anis in an Ostrich Trim and it was Beautiful! Ihave to agree with Greentea though that the Vert will most likely be around longer than the Cyclamen since I'm seeing that color around lately alot too....
  10. sorry dear to correct you but cyclamen in epsom usually looks more violett darker then in chevre :flowers:
    5058frontsm.jpg dkb30cycchpo.jpg
  11. That's weird ... I saw 2 Trims at one time and I was told by the SA that the lighter one was Cyclamen in epsom and the darker one is Cyclamen in goatskin. Granted, I was far away from the bags so I couldn't really look at them up close ... Gah, it wouldn't be the first time I was given the wrong info at the store ...:Push:
  12. wah i hate personnel that is not able to get the facts straight :rant:
  13. This is why I'm always so confused:Push: . We really need an official Hermes encyclopedia. Actually, maybe we should contribute a section on Hermes on
  14. I saw cyclamen in Epsom and it did appear lighter than the chevre mini-Kelly I saw at a different store, different time. Maybe there are color variations in the types of chevre - aren't there 3 or more types of goatskin??

    So, another opinion wanted on it readily available on the shelf because it's a new color or because it's unpopular (be honest, you won't hurt my feelings :smile: )? I wondering if I'll be able to find my cyclamen bag on the shelf, or if I'll have to order. I see many, but not the style/leathers I'd consider.

    I think I want either a 31 cm Bolide (regular leather, not goat) or a 28 or 32 cm Kelly with palladium (goat becomes an option on the Kelly, although I'd still prefer regular leather (I'm cheap :lol: )).
  15. it is purely luck as nearly all colours in these two bags fly off the shelves.