Vert Anis Ostrich Kelly - Your opinions please

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  1. Dear TPFers

    My SA told me that he may have an ostrich kelly (32 cm he reckons) in vert anis coming in and asked if I was interested (before showing it to his other customers). I was shown the leather book and Vert Anis looks really nice in ostrich although I have not seen a vert anis kelly IRL.

    Would appreciate your thoughts and opinions please. Of course I will ask to see the bag first but wanted to be prepared and make an informed decision to buy or not to buy when the bag comes in.

    Those who have vert anis ostrich kellies, please kindly post pictures. Thanks
  2. I think there are some in the reference section. I was just browsing there the other day.
  3. I think it would be a pretty combo! I love ostrich...
  4. It wouldn't be my first choice, but I am sure it is gorgoeus.
  5. I'm not sure how it looks, but I love Vert Anis.
  6. I love Vert Anis, but don't love ostrich.
  7. A vert anis ostrich Kelly will be beautiful! Do you know if it's going to be sellier or retourne?

    You have such a great SA!!
  8. Need to correct my statement - I meant to say I have not seen a vert anis ostrich kelly IRL. I have a togo vert anis sellier but vert anis looks so different in ostrich compared to togo (comparing between the ostrich leather sample and my togo kelly
  9. I love ostrich in Vert Anis. It's a very suttle lime green. I have a couple of accesories in this leather and color and am planning on purchasing a Bolide 27 in that combo when I get a chance.
  10. arch, here's a pic of a birkin ostrich in chartreuse. this color has some yellow understones compared to vert anis. vert anis and chartreuse are slightly similar :

  11. Oh gosh,... look at taht baby!!!! :drool: My next bag,... I swear!
  12. Hi Pazt

    That is lovely, is that your bag?
  13. I'm not a green person so it won't be my first choice but if it's your fave color, then go for it.
  14. i think vert anis is gorgeous in ostrich, more subtle than in the regular leathers
  15. If you love it then go for it! Vert anis is beautiful!