Vert Anis or Chartreus

  1. I need help deciding between Vert Anis or Chartreus or none of the above. Are these colors easy to wear and are they 4 seasonal?
  2. totally depends on the kind of leather as vert anis comes out in so different shades on each leather and even more importantly it depends on your skin tone vert anis is not for everyone. i do love both but for me it is the vert anis. go check out the colours and then go for it as a green birkin rules :lol:
  3. I love Chartreuse. It's a soft green, the color of celery but a little deeper.
  4. What are you up to lovehermes! DO tell!!!!
  5. Loves....I vote for's such a lovely color that can be worn with almost everything!
  6. they are so similar I really don't know!
  7. I vote for your vert anis...i think it is easier to combine than chartreuse (slight yellow touch)...both are for sure nice...
  8. I love vert anis, it is lovely!
  9. Hi Jag!! I was calling my SA and she said they got a Birkin 30 in vert anis in togo and a Birkin 35 chartreaus in clemence. I'm not sure I even want those colors or what. I wear really black a lot so I don't know. They both have silver hardware. The SA said the chartreaus can be worn all seasons so I'm not sure if that's true or not. I also am not sure if clemence is too heavy for me. Who knows...they could have sold it already anyway. It seems like the green is always available and I don't know why.
  10. My SA told me that Chartreus is a pea soup that true?
    Maybe she'll send me a pic.
  11. Shopmom...have you seen Chartreuse? I'm checking Ebay and I don't see it there.
  12. I vote for Vert Anis. Only because it is a lot more vibrant and rich-looking :yes: Charteuse is a gorgeous and classy color, but it can get kind of dull at times. And yes, it is pea soup green!
  13. Twigz....does the leather choice change the color a little? I'm thinking the Vert Anis is brighter than the Chartreus.....
  14. Yes shopmom. I actually like the Vert Anis in chevre compared to togo or clemance because the color is brighter and it really "pops" in your face (in a good way of course!) :lol:
  15. Twigz...I almost bought the Vert Anis in chevre a few months ago in a Birkin 30cm. I don't know if I want a bright color or not in a bag since I am a conservative dresser.