vert anis on togo vs. chevre

  1. found a pic that shows clearly the difference of the shade on these leathers. thought it may come handy :flowers:
  2. lilach rocks!
  3. Cool pic! Thanks for posting that, lilach!
  4. Welcome back, Lilach!! I like the one on the left more, the bigger one. That's togo, right?
  5. good to be back and good to see you too! :flowers:

    ah and yes the 35 is togo the 30 is chevre
    and i am with you i only like vert anis on togo :love:
  6. Thanks so much, lilach! I bought a mini trim (sight unseen - just a quick call from my SA about two or three years ago) in vert anis chevre. I was disappointed, because on chevre, the color looks more like chartreuse. While I LOVE chartreuse, it wasn't the color I was looking for in a mini trim. :shrugs: Oh, well, I sold it and continue to look for a vert anis togo mini anything!
  7. As much as I like chevre, the shade of Vert Anis really looked more vibrant and fresh in togo than in chevre. Vert Anis definitely looks more green in togo than chevre.
  8. OK - so far I'm the odd man out here...I like vert anis alot in togo...but I love it in chevre!!! A little more neutral I think. Of course, I'd take either...:love::love::love:

    Thanks so much Lilach!
  9. lilach, helpful thanks. I think you started a post some weeks ago, in how one shade can look so different in other leathers. I have just recently appreciated how true this is (yes, I am H newbie!)
  10. Lilah, very helpful!:flowers: I prefer togo instead of chevre in two colors... one is the vert anis and the other is gold... both come out richer in the togo for some reason (IMO)
  11. A vert anis bag is at the top of my wish list. Thanks for the photos. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between togo and clemence, colorwise? I love the color in togo.
  12. Thanks for the pics lilach!

    As much as I like vert anis in togo, in my skintone, chevre looks better. However, on my friend, togo looks divine.
  13. I'm so glad you posted that. I have vert anis in togo and while I prefer chevre as a leather, I like the color in togo much better. The pic will keep me sticking to togo in this color.:flowers:
  14. Thanks lilach. I like the togo one better than the chevre. The color seems to be more rich.
  15. My vert anis chevre kelly looks more like the togo than the chevre of the picture...:rolleyes: It's brighter...