Vert Anis Hardware

  1. So I'm still fixated on the idea of a Vert Anis Birkin and have started to think about hardware. Although I generally like gold it seems to me that palladium is the way to go with Vert Anis. Does anyone have a different hardware on their Vert Anis bag? Anyone think something other than palladium would work? To paraphrase Kermit the Frog, "it's not easy being green-obsessed."
  2. dissension from my end. I saw a Vert Anis Kelly w/chocolate stitching w/gold hardware in Togo last week and for some reason it just didn't resonate with me. Vert Anis is a cooler color and the PH looks fantajust great with it.
  3. orchids- saw some apple green (darker than VA) Ferragamo signature bow shoes at Off Fifth Today and they had gold HW, It wasn't bad but with the cooler VA color I think gold would look off.
  4. I like Palladium HW with Vert Anis,atleast from the pics I have seen...I can't remember HW of Vert Anis kelly I ssaw, but it was STUNNING, so if it was gold hw...I love the color and may be wrong about the HW. I really like Gold vs silver with many colors.
  5. I have a vert anis kelly in chevre with gold hardware. I like the vert anis togo bags in palladium but prefer vert anis chevre with gold.:yes:
  6. star I agree about generally preferring gold HW but with VA I think it doesn't look "edgy" enough. Although I think VA can be a classic I think it is also a bit edgy which is part of what draws me to it.

    desiree- good point because I was only thinking about VA in togo- it looks different (less apple green) in chevre and really different in ostrich and lizard.
  7. I think I prefer it with PH....
  8. Vert Anis in Togo definitely looks better with PH. For some reason, it makes the GH look very very yellow Gold, and it does look as you say TV--off. I can see GH looking better with Chevre in Vert Anis, because in Chevre it has more of a yellow undertone than in Togo. I have some Tory Burch ballerina flats that are a bit deeper green than Vert Anis (PazT has the same ones) and they have gold hardware and it looks great. It's funny how the subtle nuances of color can really impact how it looks with Gold vs. Palladium.
  9. Palladium with Vert Anis gets my vote. :yes: :flowers:
  10. I think Ruthenium would look classy.
  11. my favorite Palladium:flowers:
  12. Palladium all the way for S'Mom!!!! And I'm a gold girl! But I think Pall with Vert Anis is TDF STUNNING!!!
  13. palladium for me.....
  14. Mine is Vert Anis with Ruthenium. I just love it.
  15. Ruthenium will give it an edgy touch. The cold gunmetal colour will offset any frivolity associated with vert anis. :yes: