Vert Anis Availability

  1. Hi ladies, all this talk about the color has got me thinking about whether to get a birkin/kelly in this color. not much in the hermes action thread, so i'm wondering if there are more ladies out there with this color who could post pics of wearing the bag with different outfit colors.

    also is VA a readily available color in the birkin/kelly? thanks.
  2. Yes they are around, although it's pretty hard to get a Birkin or kelly in this color.
  3. here's my vert anis birkin 35 with PH :
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  4. There seemed to be quite a few floating around the September timeframe of last year; in fact, a few of us scored Vert Anis around that time and oftentimes you could go into a store and see something in Vert Anis on a shelf --be it a Birkin or a Kelly. I haven't used this color for a bit--used it more during the fall with lots of browns and denims (the bag has chocolate stitching). I can post a picture of the bag here in a bit and see if I have an action shot around!
  5. babyhart, here's one of the first pic posted in the action thread :

  6. There were quite a few vert anis chevre birkin & kelly around Dec...
  7. P, I love that outfit--so cute; I have the same Revas! :p
    Here are some close-ups and a super-casual shot of me with the Vert Anis from last fall wearing Paige jeans, a Burberry jacket and some Weitzman brown suede clogs:
    CIMG1428.jpg CIMG1515_2.jpg CIMG1174.jpg
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  8. I passed on a vert anis birkin from Atlanta around September. There must have been a batch of them.

    orchids, what leather is that vert anis birkin you posted?

    Those pics make me regret passing on one!!!
  9. hi, i just got my VA kelly few weeks ago. it's so pretty.
  10. sigh....:smile:) i just vert anis........

    O, you look fab! babyhart, you need to get one soon! did you get my PM?
  11. There was a lot of Vert Anis -- kellys and birkins as well as other styles -- in Paris in November and this month as well.
  12. Some really lovely bags in this thread! Love them all!
  13. Thanks P! :flowers: Was a little shy about posting that one but for the sake of enabling decided why not? :shame:

    Nathansgirl, the leather is Togo. :yes:

    Nunamwan! Whoa, that is the most amazing Vert Anis Chevre Kelly EVER! Just beautiful! :love:
  14. This is one of my fave Hermes colors!
  15. I love VA too. It's such a great neutral. I wish I have a sellier Kelly in VA instead, or maybe a Birkin instead of a Kelly ... I dunno ....:push:
    Image175.jpg Image178.jpg