Vert Amande (sp?)

  1. What do you all think of Vert Amande (sp??) in chevre? I'd always thought it's a discontinued colour and was just so surprised to see it IRL.
  2. I have an agenda in Vert Amande chevre. I, too, thought it was discontinued????

    I love greens but I don't think I could do anything bigger than the agenda. It's too "cool" for my skintone.
  3. ^^ Looks a bit yellowish :yes:
  4. I LOVE greens and I do have this color in an agenda. In fact, I probably have most of the green colors H makes somewhere in my collection. (Talk about OCD...heh!)

    And yes, it is more of a yellow-green color...
  5. Yep, agree on that one.
  6. I like it. I saw it on some small accessories and I like it :biggrin:
  7. I can't see the pic :sad:
  8. Here's a photo of a Vert Amanda chevre agenda next to my Vert Anis clemence Picotin (and froggy!)

  9. ^^ wow i love the shade.. its gorgeous!! Mrssparkles.. are you thinking of getting lil something in Vert Amande??

  10. Still thinking, Hermes Junkie ;)
  11. I think it's gorgeous!
  12. Wow! Vert Amand is a lovely green! Thanks A-lux for the comparison pic!
  13. LOL! OK, not "Amanda" but you guys knew what I meant, right?
  14. Thank you so much AuthenticLux!!! Great picture!!!! It really is a beautiful green!
  15. Wow, I really like that color!