Versatility of stretch knot

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  1. This is my first thread so please excuse me if I'm doing this all wrong, but I've been looking at the black stretch knot in grosgrain and am wondering about how versatile it is. I know it's great for more formal events, but I don't attend many a year and I'm wondering whether it can be used more casually for just a nice dinner out, with jeans, and also if it can be used for daytime occasions?

  2. It's a very versatile bag to own. I have several. It will work during the
    day for lunch, for evening & special events as well.

    The black is gorgeous & no reason to hesitate in my opinion.

    Welcome to the BV forum!!
  3. I see women carrying clutches more than I used to so I think it could be used any time of day. Neat jeans along with something dressy always looks very stylish to me.
  4. I have the SO ostrich plum stretch knot. I don't use it during the day because I need a larger bag. I've been carrying her a lot lately for biz dinners and for dinner out with friends and family.
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses, it's good to hear that it may actually be able to fit my lifestyle after all :smile:
  6. Although I have a couple of regular Knots, I prefer the Stretch Knot. I can fit a phone, key, card case, lipgloss, comb and tissues inside. It is easy to grasp and sits nicely in the lap. It is perfect for when I am out to dinner or a movie. I wish BV would make more types of the Stretch Knot.
  7. I have a few regular knots, but not the stretch, but I imagine if I changed my phone to anything larger than the iPhone 5, I'd have to stretch my knots too:smile: so I'd say it's definitely more versatile than the regular which just about only fits phone without any casing, lipstick n blotting paper. Car key will just have to fit in dh's pocket!
  8. Hi, and welcome!

    I think the black Stretch Knot in grosgrain would be as versatile as you wish. I have a black Stretch Knot in karung, and I wear it as you propose: formal events, dinners out, whether dressy or casual, going out in the evening with jeans. I would have no qualms taking it out to a lunch date, either (I haven't yet, only because I'm usually doing other things during the day that requires my carrying a lot of other stuff!).

    If you said you were considering the silk satin version, then my answer would be different. I have a silk satin classic Knot (in a champagne color), and I do limit its use to dressier and evening occasions. The smoothness and sheen of the fabric (combined with its lighter color) make it a little more susceptible to looking worn, I think. If it were black, I think it would have a very dressy feel to it that might not work quite as well with jeans as the grosgrain would.

    Good luck deciding!
  9. I use the knot in my avatar for lunches with friends. My knot feels so nice in my hand ;). Have fun picking one out!

  10. This is a wonderful knot to own..;)
  11. I don't have a knot (yet?) because I have one clutch and that's all I need right now, although lately I've been considering a larger envelope style clutch. The one I have is the Chanel timeless classic clutch. I'm sure it holds only a little more than the stretch knot and I've used it comfortably during the day for lunches and even a little shopping. I'd say it depends on how you dress because I think knots look dressier on the whole and may look a little out of place with a more casual outfit. It would definitely look great for a nice dinner though!
  12. I use my knots with jeans as well and I think they jazz up casual outfits without being too over the top.

  13. Thank you! You have a yummy collection if I recall correctly :smile:

  14. I'm pertty blessed with my knot collection...
  15. Do they make a silk faille (matte/grosgrain) stretch knot clutch with ayers snaketrim?