Versatility of Spearmint color?

  1. I was eyeing a spearmint colored bag on eBay today and was wondering if that was a good color. If anyone could share your opinions on this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I have a spearmint Venetia and I'm actually surprised how versatile the color is. I wear it with black (great pop of color with black!), neutrals, navy, prints, etc. I was leery about using it in the winter, but it actually looked really cute with my cream coat, so it's a year-round bag for me. It is a very distinctive color, however, so if you're very classic in your personal style, it might be a bit much. I personally love it.
  3. Thanks for your input! I wouldn't exactly classify myself as "classic" in style, and I'm happy to hear that you love your spearmint bag!
  4. Great color for the spring/summer!
  5. I think spearmint is wonderful too! I love the interior color. It can make any outfit pop.
  6. Hi
    I have the wonderbag style in what I think is spearmint color and I love it. The color is bright and I love it against neutral colors like keen said above. I probably wouldnt wear it with like reds or oranges, but overall I have been very happy with my bag and the color.
  7. i love my spearmint bag. Its my absolute favorite MJ bag. I wear it with alot of colors but mostly its my spring/ summer bag. Since it stays hot in CA into the fall, i use it until late fall as well.
  8. Oh I love spearmint! The yellow suede lining is the best part :p .
  9. I can't wait until I can see one in real life!
  10. I have a spearmint blake (only MJ bag) and I ADORE the colour sooooo much. I love it with a black outfit to just give it a bit of colour. And I like it with my jeans and a white t if it's hot outside lol
  11. I blame spearmint for my purchasing a Sophia! I loved this color so much, I went against my better judgment and bought a bag that was too small for my needs. I had to have spearmint, and I couldn't find it in any other style bag!

    I love the color, and it goes with everything that I own. It really is versatile.

    What makes MJ stand out from the rest is his color choices, and spearmint is one of his best colors to date.
  12. I really like it! I don't own it but hope to get something in this color someday.
  13. Did you get it? The Venetia or the Blake? :smile:
  14. bag-addict, this has nothing to do with your spearmint but is that your dog on your avatar? S/he looks gorgeous! I love pitbull!!