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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2012
    Hi, I'm new here! I noticed that there wasn't a Versace forum, can anyone tell me why?
  2. So everyone is going to ignore me..
  3. That would be because there hasn't been enough interest expressed? If the Powers That Be start seeing a lot of separate threads going on about Versace and that interest is maintained for a period of time, perhaps there could be a sub-forum for the brand.

    OH - wanted to add, too, that I, for one, wasn't ignoring you - but since I have no interest in Versace, I didn't read your post the first time around. That may be WHY you didn't get many responses, because nobody's reading your post titled "Versace".
  4. I witnessed last year Valentino getting its own forum. Threads about Valentino were spread all over the place, and when the volume became high, mods decided to organize them into a separate forum and collected them all in the forum. It was an exciting moment. \perhaps similar will happen to Versace lovers :smile:

    I have one versace elusive bag I am looking for, but nowhere to find, others not so :biggrin:
  5. thank you for all your replies :smile: i feel better now about not being ignore lol
  6. :smile:Sometimes, it does seem as if one is being ignored, but its usually not the case as others have explained.

    Do you own any Versace bags? I am yet to see one that caught my interest but would be curious to see other's Versace pieces. A thread with pics or bags (either owned or lusted for) would definitely draw eyeballs and once more people start talking about their love for the brand, the mods will definitely consider creating a sub-forum.

    That's what happened with Givenchy last year. There were threads everywhere and someone kindly recommended that we increase the pace of posts and threads. It worked! Bless whoever that was :biggrin:.
  7. Hi Aluxe  no I do not have any Versace bags, I was never interested in them until I seen one that caught my eye. I usually just wear gucci, lv, fendi & prada! What about you?  I attached the first Versace that caught my interest, tell me what you think! I think it looks a bit plain after staring at it for awhile lol
  8. it is actually pretty and being plain with this gorgeous colour is classy..such an electric blue :smile:
  9. Thanks for your input  but being plain idk if i want to spend $1400 lol!
  10. The only Versace that caught my attention has been their eyewear collection. I have several pairs of sunglasses and the eyeglasses on my face now are Versace.

    I took a look at their bags after seeing your post and that blue "signature" satchel is the one that stood out to me as well! The shape is pretty classic, and it looks to be a decent size. The strap seems wide to me.

    This color of blue is very high on my list of favorite colors, but I think if the bag had something more unique going for it, I might be in love enough to overlook the price tag :smile: