Versace Stores Might Be Changing Name Soon!

  1. I went in to the Versace store in Philadelphia and I talked to my SA. She said that the Donatella's Versace Jeans Couture line was sold over to another company. She was unaware of the details but said that this occurred a few days ago. It has yet to be announced offically in the press. Some of the Versace stores will be most likely changing their names. She said that the Versace Couture line will continue.

    What will happen to the bags?

  2. I have no idea... they have been talking about this for a while... look forward to hearing what is going to happen!
  3. I know though that they added Dolce and Gabbana, Nada (I think it's called, a new design line very Versace like), Cavalli and other lines to the Versace store in Philly. She said that 80% of their merchandise was ready to wear and only 20% couture with just Versace. At least, they added more lines which means more handbags.