versace seamed leather tote

  1. versace seamed lthr.jpg
  2. I like it! And I notice it's your new avatar! Did you order it?
  3. Its nice!!
  4. i just adore versace...
  5. Very different--is that stitched all over the bag? I love the handle. Cool bag.
  6. Very timeless and classy. Nice!
  7. That's a unique bag. I like it.
  8. I like it. Some Versace bags are a little gaudy for my taste, but this one seems a little more understated than some other recent Versace designs.
  9. No I just drool and dream:drool: . LOL!
  10. Yeah it's actually printed all over. I thought it was different. I dont like those chevron print bags but all in all I'm for embossed leather.