Versace Satchel.. Yay or Nay

  1. What are your thoughts of this bag?

  2. I actually like that a lot! It is a classic shape, but with the hardware and handles it has an edge, too.
  3. i think its super cute. never seen it before. what does it retail at?
  4. I've seen it on Eluxury for $1830.
  5. it looks hmmm .... high tec :p
    but it's cool, i think.
  6. It's a definite YAY for me!
  7. I'm going to (at least right now) be the lone dissenter.
    I don't like it. And for 1800... sheesh. For that $, get an EPI leather LV, or save for hermes....

    just my.02!
  8. Lovely!!! Yay for me!
  9. my mom likes it a lot!
    i think it was from last year..
    i saw it on summer last year and been lusting for the white:drool:

    but i prefer chanel w/ that much money:p
  10. I'm not crazy for it, but it's not bad either. Get's an OK from me ;)
  11. I like the bag, very cute. But I agree, for that price tag I would probably go for Chanel...unless I had unlimited resources, then I would get it anyway! :p
  12. A big nay from me.
  13. I'm not so keen on it. Seems to be a lot going on with all the hardware, handles and embossed leather (?)... a bit confusing to look at...
  14. Thank you for the comments.
  15. i don't like the handles, so nay...especially for that price.