Versace pumps

  1. I saw these on eluxury & I just had to post them for everyone to see! Aren't they gorgeous!!

  2. Yes, they sure are!
  3. Those are some seriously sexy power shoes -- and I love the purple peeking through on the sole!
  4. they're stunning.:yes:
  5. The purple is fabulous - just like how I love the red peeping through on the Louboutins. But, wow, those are tall! I don't think I could walk in them. Are you thinking of buying them?
  6. Sexy!
  7. Delicious shape, color and finish - look like art for the feet. LOVE THEM!!

  8. i love them..just gorgeous...
    would only be able to take ONE STEP in them.....
  9. omg! i want them, now!
  10. wow!! those are soo hott, i can picture myself in them now.. haha
  11. They are!!!:yes:
  12. I love those shoes, what other designers make shoes that tall in that similar style?
  13. Well I don't know about similar style but Lanvin & Bruno Frisoni & of course Christian Louboutin make high high heels! & Versace also has boots in the same style & w/ the same heel!
  14. Hot :biggrin: