Versace Palazzo Bag

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  1. I am not familiar with Versace handbags, but ran across a picture of Heidi Klum carrying one and now I'm intrigued. :smile:

    The bag is called the Palazzo bag and it's set for release this Spring. I couldn't find any price info, does anyone know how much it will be in the US? I'm guessing $2,600-ish. Does anyone know the price?

    When I first saw it I liked it--except for the big silver face, but even that has grown on me. :lol: My husband probably won't care for it so it probably won't end up in my closet, but they got my attention. I will have to stop by the Versace boutique and check out the other bags.

    Does anyone have an experience with Versace handbags? Quality?
    TIA! :P

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  4. Selma Gomez:

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  7. I like it!
  8. I don't like it all....Much too bling bling....
  9. Versace tends to be blingy
  10. Versace bags are great quality.
    i have a Vanitas quilted mini (lambskin) and Vanitas non-quilted (deerskin).
    I havent had any issues with them so far.

    i have to say the quality of the quilted bag is waaaay better than Chanel flap (lambskin). All the quilts on the Versace is double and triple thread (very robust), whereas the Chanel is only single and frankly feels very fragile.
    I enjoy the Versace alot more than Chanel.

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  11. Thanks for the information! :P

    I love the look of the quilted--it's much more interesting than traditional simple quilting. :P

    The Vanitas are beautiful!! Congrats!:smile:
  12. Very true! Versace is over the top altogether--I still remember the super model ad campaigns from the 90s with all the color and glam! :P
  13. I am sure my hubby would agree! LOL :lol: