Versace~ is it or isn't it?

  1. Bought this from a lady who claims she bought it from a UK shopping channel.

    I didn't know shopping channels sold designer bags~but did like it and so I bought it.

    Is it the real thing or not?

    My sister in law is doing the pictures for me~ hope we get it right.

  2. Should of added that the seriel number is inside of the white label.

    Any help would be appreciated, as I do not plan on keeping it now~ too big a bag for me.
  3. There was a UK shopping channel that was selling Tiffany jewelry and designer bags. Tiffany got a court order to stop them from selling the jewelry, because they were allegedly selling fake jewelry. Some members said they got bags from the channel and the bags were real, but would you really trust a business that got caught selling fake jewelry to sell you a real bag?
    Anyway, is there a tag on the bag that even says Versace? I have never seen the other tag you photographed on any Versace bag. Then again, I am no expert.
  4. Thank you for the help. It does have a Versace label as well, which we did not have time to photograph.

    And the link was every useful.

    Have since spoken to a friend who bought a Fendi, Prada and Gucci bags from a UK shopping channel. Her's were the genuine thing.

    She phoned the Gucci shop and was told that yes, they do supply bags to certain shopping channels,but those bags do not come directly from the shops.

    More than that the girl would not say. But she was willing to give a verbal verification of the bag, if Zee wanted to take it in to her.

    If I hear anymore I will let you know. I do not watch TV much, no time. So perhaps I am missing out.
  5. i think is not!