Versace Hit Bag Spotted at TJ Maxx

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    So far, this and two bottega's priced at 900+ have been the nicest things at my local TJ Maxx, if it wasn't for someone here asking about this bag I never would have spotted it, even turned backwards its pretty distinctive. At $479 it's half price off of the E-luxury sale price.

    We supposedly have a high-end TJ Maxx but they've yet to carry anything I've wanted to buy, or in my size. Bags seem to be very few and far between with about 75% pvc 15% fabric 7% leather 2% Michael Kors and occasionally 1% interesting. They've had a ton of B Makowsky in lately too. I guess I'll have to keep a closer look at their selection on a regular basis, even though digging through all the PVC skeeves me out (pvc's one of my pet neuroses)
  2. Holy cow!
  3. The TJM near me puts the really expensive bags in with the jewelry cases, althougth you can occassionaly find a gem amidst all the tacky pvc stuff.
  4. I work for TJX, and I would transfer to a runway store in an instant if I didn't know that I would go so broke, so fast. I expect there to be a lot of high-end designer items coming in this spring and summer since hardly anything seems to be selling full price anywhere else.
  5. what tj maxx are the runway stores?? never knew they would carry valentino and BV!
  6. wow. I can't believe they had those bags there. I need to go check my TJ maxx!! hopefully ours have nice bags too.
  7. this makes me want to go to the nearby tjmaxx asap

    ...except my saks and nm don't even usually have anything that good, i would probably be disappointed!
  8. I live by a tjmaxx runway store and they have NO good bags or shoes- and not much for clothes either... maybe I just went at a bad time...
  9. WOWZers....yeah, i guess it's something to expect since our economic situation isn't so great, but i'd probably faint if i saw something like that. And just like faith_ann, i'd probably be so broke if i worked for a run-way store, not that i work for TJ maxx right now, but if i did.