Versace handbags

  1. I would like to know your opinion on Versace handbags. Do you like the Snap out of it bag? DH and I were shopping in Milan and we visited the Versace boutique and I must say it was very impressive. They had some beautiful pieces in there. DH loved it and I got a white bag from the summer collection. This is a pic I found in eluxury of a Snap out of it and I love it!!! How do you feel about it? This model has been in the market for a while but I dont hear people in America talking about the Versace Snap out of It bag. In Milan it was sold out (they just had one that was reserved) but in the Purse Forum I hardly ever read any comments on their bags. DH wants to know where is the buzz for this bag........ what is going on with Versace?:confused1: :confused1:

  2. I don't have any experience with Versace handbags, but I think this one is great! If I had tons of money and could buy anything i wanted I'd add this one to my list. I especially like the braided handles. Plus, every bag I own, and that's quite a few, are satchels.
  3. Cute bag. I never really looked into Versace before.. i will have to rethink that. :graucho:
  4. I'm not a fan of Versace. To me it always seems like they take it one step too far.. not just with their hangbags, but clothing as well. Too flashy for my taste.
  5. I also have wondered why no one talks about Versace bags. I have 4 snap out of it bags. I have the white & gold (Madonna bag), the black & gold, a denim one, and the Chaos Couture bags.
  6. I really like that bag since it was available on Eluxury, but if I ever had purchase that I don't think I'll ever wear it. I'd be too torn if something happen to it, even a small mark or a little scratch. I'd leave it for display though :smile: Just once in awhile take a look at it, and admire how beautiful it looks. :p
  7. :heart: :heart: :heart: Versace. Moreso than the clothing line. Versace has a long history as far as a brand. This bag is super hot :love:
  8. I'm not a Versace fan at all too flashy and bling bling for my taste but if you love it go for it!!
    That one is on sale right now for 40% off if someone wants to get it (Munich store)
  9. :drool: :drool: :drool: Are you serious???? Oh my God!!! I am so jealous. I went crazy looking for the Madonna bag, they had one left in Madrid when the boutique there was open and I tried so hard to get it but i didnt have the money then and someone else took it off my hands. And the Chaos Couture? That is wonderful!! Where did you get them?
  10. I love Versace!!!

    I don't have any of the bags (but they are seriously gorgeous) but I have some Versace Jeans Courture stuff.

    I wondered why there wasn't a versace section anyway.
  11. I LOVE Versace!! That bag is awesome!

    I only have one bag by Versace, not the Snap out of it bag. I will have to check those out! I think Versace does not get the same press in this country. But you should go for it!! :yes:
  12. I have one versace bag, that;'s acutally rather subtle. It's a black leather cylinder-type bag, (like the LV papillon) and you'd only know it was versace buy the logo on the side. The leather is great quality, it's very supple even thought the bag is quite a few years old.
  13. I bought the Madonna snap out of it at Eluxury a couple of years ago. I also bought the Chaos Couture at Eluxury. I bought the black and gold at Neiman Marcus, and the denim one through a reputable sellar at eBay.
  14. I'm not a fan of Versace.. i would definitely recommend to research the bag more and try it out before u buy it
  15. I did not give them much thought until I saw a gal carrying one at NM and had to stop her :shame: and ask her the style of the bag.
    It was stunning!