Versace Fashion Jewelry

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  1. #1 Apr 17, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2014
  2. I know their necklaces and earrings are super heavy... But they do look sexy.
  3. I agree, the stuff looks amazing! And I think the heavier the better haha
  4. Whoa...$650.00 for a gold-tone bracelet just seems way too expensive!!
  5. I agree with you, definitely way too expensive, and that's on the cheaper spectrum of their jewelry! Basically paying for the brand, but I still like the piece itself. Only worry is the quality over time, if it will hold up or not considering it's not even plated, like Hermes jewelry
  6. I have a versace fashion jewelry. It is very beautiful to see. It is very good in quality. And the bracelet in the picture is looking very gorgeous. I don’t think it will be fade. So you can purchase it. I think that will be quite reliable.
  7. I agree. But there is a certain look here you may not find in gold pieces and if you did, they would be very expensive! I wouldn't buy at this price for gold-tone.
  8. i have been eyeing that medusa icon bracelet, I may take the plunge because i have been looking for a chunky chain bracelet with a single charm
  9. Thanks for the info! I agree, it looked very nice

    That's my point, I'd hate spending so much on something that's not even gold plated, but at the same time I know I'm paying for the brand and design which I can't get anywhere else.

    I think I'm actually going to buy the bracelet I linked, I tried it on and a few others in the store and I can't stop thinking about it. Thursday I'll go back and buy it most likely!
  10. Yah the bracelet looks good and i think the price attached is worth it. Buy it if you haven't still, come back and tell us the experience.
  11. Im just in love with versace and that medusa head
  12. I actually ended up purchasing a Medusa Icon bracelet from a consignment shop and it's such a stunning piece, the sad part was that the piece that connected the Medusa charm to the bracelet was broke when I got it so I took it to a custom jeweler and he was in awe of the quality of the bracelet and could tell that it was quality Italian gold plating and said that it was very good quality 18K gold that would not be fading anytime soon. He soldered a new link on for me to keep the Medusa charm in place and the bracelet is back to being perfect. Now I am on the hunt for the matching necklace