Versace espadrilles - pics

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  1. I'm not really a shoe person but these really caught my eye. Very pretty!
    I just don't think I could cough up $937 for a pair of espadrilles.... could you?:huh:
  2. ummm, NO! I wouldn't personally pay $1k for shoes! But I LOVE these!
  3. I lke them both! Especially the second pair. I can just imagine how dirty the first pair would get after one wear! And for THAT kind of $$ - YIKES!
  4. They have to be the sexiest espadrilles i have seen in a long time. The price tag is a little steep BUT !!!! they are gorgeous. This is where my Husband would have to step in.
  5. I love the white ones. I am usually not a fan of versace's ready to wear line or their excessories because I don;t like the versace logo but these are fierce.
  6. They are very pretty but still not for $1k...
  7. i think the price is way too much! i have seen wounderfully embroidered leather rene caovilla shoes cost less!!!
    and anyway i'd most certainly fall from those shoes:P
  8. Pretty, but damn that height! I just don't think shoes that high look that nice...especially espadrille wedges. Its too barbie girl.
  9. i love those! the higher the better imo. i'm so happy super high wedges are in this season cuz they are all i wear anyways! the 1k price tag is VERY steep... i thought spending 300 on wedges this season was a lot...
  10. Those are fierce, but the price, ouch!
  11. Oh wow, those white one are ADORABLE!
  12. I Love Both Pairs!!!
  13. They're sooooooooooooooo dope.
  14. Pricey, but very pretty!
  15. those 1st ones are HOT!!!!! :love:
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