Versace Cellphone by Samsung

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    Samsung has teamed with Gianni Versace's "Versus" to create a new "Samsung Versus E500" mobile phone. The new Samsung Versus E500 will be available in three sets of colors to choose from: white and gold, black and silver, and antique pink and white. Just like Samsung's original SGH-E500, the Versus will feature a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, bluetooth, 80MB, 1.76 inch TFT display, a music player ( MP3/AAC/ACC+) and weighs 85g. According to a press release on Samsung's website, the E500 Versus will be available in Italy at the end of August. I am not sure when it will be available in the U.S. Expect more collaborations between Samsung and Versus.
  2. those are really cool! love your avatar by the way. I actually have a dougboy doll.
  3. ooooh the pink one is pretty!

    no. no more gadgets. no. hehe.
  4. I love the antique pink and white one.:love:
  5. the antitque pink and white one is way cute!
  6. I wonder how much it's going to cost? My arm? Or both my arm and my leg?
  7. omg, that is so cool... i want that phone....
  8. I like it... I wonder what the inside of it looks like though (keypad, etc). Samsungs are good phones.
  9. Samsung isn't really that good on reception IMO.
  10. Ummmmm there is nothing replacing my sk3 lol
  11. I like the one in the middle!
  12. ooh the pink one is :love: I WANT it!!!!
  13. Gorgeous phones, but probably out of my budget !
  14. hmmmm. i wonder why all these designers are coming up with cell phones dolce and gabbas razr and versace phone!
  15. I like the white and gold one. I probably can't afford it though.